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eco Bailer & eco Plugs

by Environmental Test Products, Inc.

A favorite of groundwater experts for 20 years, eco Bailers are great value in groundwater monitoring and sampling programs. AND, for well integrity and security, its hard to beat the our lockable eco PLUGs. All ecoBailer products are PFAS FREE.

eco Bailers

Shop from our wide selection of eco Bailers offered in Clear PVC, Polyethylene and a wide variety of lengths and widths. We also offer Double Check Valve “point source” and Hydrocarbon Recovery bailers. All ecoBailers are PFAS free.

Well Plugs

The eco PLUG is the only well plug made from Polypropylene that will not corrode, and makes for a durable, tamper-proof well plug that will withstand repeated use and abuse over many years. Vapor sampling 2 inch eco PLUGs now available. All eco PLUGS are PFAS free.