EcoBailer Pro and Well Plugs

A favorite of groundwater samplers for almost 20 years, Ecobailers offer our best value and are available in Clear PVC, Polyethylene and our widest variety of lengths and diameters.


Thicktube Weighting

Up until now, weight has been added to bailers by including a weight in the bailer tube, creating a water flow restriction that reduces sink rate and increases turbulence. Thickening the bailer wall increases the bailer’s weight without increasing turbulence, resulting in a faster sinking bailer and more accurate samples.

Hydrocarbon Recovery Bailer

The Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer is designed to help you remove the L.N.A.P.L, floating hydrocarbon product from your monitoring wells without removing water as well. The Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer uses a specially designed ball which floats in water but sinks in in hydrocarbons.

Bailers & Locking Well Plugs


Shop from our wide selection of Eco Pro and Ecobailers offered in Clear PVC, Polyethylene and a wide variety of lengths and width.  Includes Double Check Valve “point source” and Hydrocarbon Recovery bailers

Well Plugs

The EcoPlug is the only well plug made from recycled materials. Manufactured from a recycled composite glass filled polymer that will not corrode, and is stronger than steel, pound for pound, the EcoPlug is a durable, tamper-proof well plug that will withstand repeated use and abuse over many years.