EcoBailer Pro

EcoBailer Pro bailers sink super fast with minimum sample turbidity.  The Bigmouth bottom spout facilitates smooth flow of water through the bailer on descent resulting in faster more accurate groundwater samples.  Available in Clear PVC and Polyethylene in 1, 3, 4 foot lengths and 1.5″ diameter.

EcoBailers -Hydrocarbon Recovery

The Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer is  designed to  remove the L.N.A.P.L, floating hydrocarbon product from your monitoring wells without removing water as well. The Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer uses a specially designed ball which floats in water but sinks in in hydrocarbons.  When the bailer is lowered below the oil line the check bail stops at water level and capture the oil above it when the bailer is raised from the well.

EcoBailer Double Check Valve

Our Double Check Valve bailers offer a simple and cost effective method for aquifer profiling, especially in hard to access locations. The bailer is lowered slowly to the desired sample depth. When the bailer is raised the weight of water and upward movement of the bailer keep both ball valves closed. The top ball valve prevents the sample in the bailer from mixing with water at higher levels as it’s removed from the well.