1.5″ X 3′ Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer: Case of 24


Clear PVC EcoBailer with hydrocarbon check ball

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The Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer is designed to help you remove the L.N.A.P.L, floating hydrocarbon product from your monitoring wells without removing water as well. The Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer uses a specially designed ball which floats in water but sinks in in hydrocarbons. The Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer is made from the same durable, rigid PVC as Clear PVC EcoBailer allowing visual inspection of samples and a rapid sink rate.

Additional information

Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 7 × 11 × 39 in

3 foot


Clear Virgin PVC

Bailer Model

EcoBailer Hydrocarbon Recovery Bailer

Outside Diameter

1.5 inch

Weighting Type