Standard 4″ X 2.5 Litre Armored Hydrasleeve


For steel wells, open boreholes, or anywhere with jagged edges or increased potential for abrasion. Fits in 3″ Schedule 40 and larger wells – Virgin 4 mil PE. Tensile strength 25-35 lb.

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HydraSleeve – discreet interval no-purge sampler

  • Made to hold greater than 2.5 litres of sample volume.
  • Protective outer sleeve more than doubles wall thickness.
  • Useful in steel wells, open boreholes, or anywhere a HydraSleeve could come in contact with jagged edges or increased potential for abrasion.
  • Disposable
  • 2.9 inches O.D. by 37 inches long.  Fill within a 7-foot column.  Lay-flat width 4.614 inches.
  • Absolute maximum volume obtainable without spilling 2.9 litres
  • Requires the use of 23 oz. Compact Weight and Weight Clip
Layflat 4.61″W x 37″L
Filled Diameter 2.9″
Filled Volume ~2500ml
Fill Stroke 37″

Unlike any other groundwater sampler, the HydraSleeve instantaneously “cores” a whole water sample from a defined vertical and horizontal interval (usually within the well screen). HydraSleeve samples do not blend fluid from different vertical zones or pull water in from outside the well screen, but instead sample via ambient and/or diffusive flow of groundwater through the well screen.

The sample is collected at in-situ pressure without purging and with very little down well disturbance, preventing turbidity, aeration or oxidation of sensitive parameters. Samples collected with the HydraSleeve correlate well to other sampling methods.

HydraSleeve samplers are inexpensive, disposable and very quick and easy to use, resulting in significant savings on capital equipment and operating costs when compared to other sampling equipment.


HydraSleeve is suitable for both short and long term groundwater monitoring and is especially useful in narrow, constricted or damaged wells.

Cost savings of HydraSleeve sampling (typically 50 to 75%) make it the option of choice for monitoring UST leaks, dry cleaning plants and other small scale point-source contaminant sites. It can even be used for special challenges such as in-well vertical profiling of multi-layered contaminant concentrations.


No training or special tools required – simply “pop & squeeze” open the top and attach your line and the re-useable weight

• Small and convenient

• Simple shipping


• Reduces field sampling costs by 50 – 80%

• No purge water disposal

• No expensive equipment

• Disposable


• Collect samples in less than 15 minutes

• Cuts total field time by half or more

• No decontamination between wells


• Sample for ALL compounds

• Large sample volume

• Best sampler for slow recharge wells

• Conservative results comparable to conventional methods

• Repeatable sampling method

• Lower turbidity than purge and sample

• Slim cross section minimizes disturbance

• can be collected at in-situ pressure

• precise vertical and horizontal interval – no blending

• little or no aeration, agitation, degassing or displacement

• samples can be analyzed for all parameters

• samples a discrete, instantaneous “core” of water