Terms of Sale


Purchase orders should be delivered via fax to 603-218-6428 and are subject to acceptance at ETP.

Volume Pricing

Is offered for all orders over $1,000.


2/10 Net 30. 2% discount will only be extended if customer agrees to receive invoices via email or fax and payment is received within 10 days of shipment – no exceptions.


All prices F.O.B. factory.

Product Changes

The right is reserved to make changes in pattern, design or materials when deemed necessary, without prior notice. Products which have become obsolete by reason of design change or discontinuance may not be returned for credit.

Returned Goods

Materials must not be returned unless consent has first been obtained from ETP.

Risk of Loss/Damage

All goods are at the risk of the purchaser after they have been delivered by us to the carrier and receipt obtained for same (in good order).


ETP will not be responsible for delays resulting from strikes, accidents, failure of suppliers, negligence of carriers, or other causes beyond its control.


Complaints concerning defective goods or errors shall be made immediately by phoning ETP at 877-505-1789 or emailing info@etpproducts.com.